Monday, 7 April 2008

Vegetable Matter

Cyril Fletcher (1913-2005) was an integral part of That's Life (a 1970s hodge podge of consumer stuff, real life stories and Esther Rantzen). He sat in an armchair wearing a velvet smoking jacket and a self satisfied expression.

One of the favourite items on this programme was the gardening public sending in photographs of vulgarly shaped vegetables so, in honour of this great British tradition and in memory of the smug Cyril, we invite nominations for most unusual Vegetable based blog.

This does not necessarily have to include vulgar vegetables but such inclusions would be smiled upon by the judges.


Simon Kirby said...

There's really no contest for this category, it has to be Bifurcated Carrots, not least for the title, but mostly for posts like this that proudly exhibit the ribbed and knobbly for the fascinated reader.

Patrick said...

These two blogs get my vote for this category:


Daughter of the Soil