Monday, 7 April 2008

Is There Anybody Out There?

One of the most important things about the internationally renowned Fork n' Monkey Awards is that they salute the unusual.

In that spirit we would like submissions for the Heather Mills Al Fayed Award.

This will celebrate an aspect of life that is usually unappreciated by the general population.

In this category we include entire Blogs, single Blog Posts, Websites or whatever.

We go further: provided that somewhere on the site (no matter how miniscule or immaterial) there is some whisper of gardens then it qualifies for this award.

It will be a celebration of an unusual passion (not, you will notice, an unnatural passion: we are not that kind of Awards committee).


Anonymous said...

This blog is so good, but so out there.

Better than jelly-babies

Tom Baker

Esther Montgomery said...

Dear Fork'n Monkey and Tom Baker

I feel very honoured to be nominated for this award.

Without my husband (Ming) and my children (Didcott and Worthing) this would never have been possible.

Esther Montgomery


P.S. Tom Baker - who are you?

Barbee' said...

I vote for Esther.. she brightens my day!

VP said...

Esther fits the criteria for this award so well, she gets my vote too.

Alex said...

I nominate run by the lovely Anne Robert. It's all about marvellous design in gardens rather than of gardens. I regularly pinch her posts for Shedworking.

Anne Robert said...

I nominate the excellent blog by

It is an a to z of small outdoor architecture work from : cool or crazy they are all there

And he writes beautifully!
Anne -a fan ( from !)

Simon Kirby said...

Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down is a leisurely consideration of tea and biscuits and the importance (and indeed, unimportance) of having a nice sit down, and this fits in very well with allotment culture.

emmat said...

I found one that isn't exactly more bonkers than Esther, but is definitely a rival.
Hanna's Garden Catastrophe
She starts going on about it being a catastrophe, and part of me is laughing with her, because it's funny, and then the other half is laughing at her, because honestly - there's like four photos of a huge pile of earth that doesn't seem to progress in anyway from one photo to the next. And she just witters on and on in this way that really makes me chuckle too.
I know it's not nice to laugh at other people but at least maybe this way she'll become world famous.

emmat said...

Oh! I got another nutter! She's got a barrel cactus in a plastic cup and she's calling it "Mr Peeps".

Alex said...

I would like to nominate Kate over at for her wonderfully humorous portrayal of The Aussie Summer Gardner. "An aspect of life that is usually unappreciated by the general population" could not describe this post better!

Anonymous said...

Esther gets my vote.

Esther Montgomery said...

Thanks Karen.

I feel rather chuffed about this!



John said...

I nominate because shed living is how I like to live and work

Leatherdykeuk said...

I vote for Shedworking

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to alex and shedworking.

30York said...

I transfer one of the comments I made on the Waste of Time section (Not everybody understands all this blogging,you know) Shedworking is most acceptable.

30York said...

I meant to leave a comment on here but I think I left itonanother section. shedworkingis my choice of blog