Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Welcome, Villkommen, et Bienvenue

I am thrilled and delighted to announce the all-star launch of a new set of Awards for Garden Blogs and Websites.

Move over Oscar, Budge up BAFTA, Naff off Nobel - the all singing, all dancing Fork ‘n Monkey Awards are here.

The Awards are divided into ten categories covering most aspects of the internet gardener’s life.

I hope that, over time, they will become as established and respected as the Nobel Prizes (although without the cheques or having to go to Sweden) with the great, the good and the slightly unhinged yearning to append a Fork ‘n Monkey title to their name.

There are, of course, other (better established) Garden Blog awards out there: the Fork ‘n Monkey Awards are by no means in competition with them, but instead are seeking to reward and acknowledge different facets of the little corner of the Internet that is populated by gardeners.

Get out there and vote by adding comments to the relevant sections of this Blog. You may propose as many nominees as you wish for each category. You are encouraged not to vote more than once for any particular nominee. Anonymous votes are acceptable - although any suspicious Mugabeism in the ballot boxes will be investigated fully.

You may, of course, vote for yourself.

Nominations for the Awards will close on May 16th with the Winners and Runners Up being announced on Tuesday 20th May - to coincide with the awarding of Royal Horticultural Society Medals at the Chelsea Flower Show.

This is A Garden Monkey Production (with all the ramshackle nonsense that that implies).


Matron said...

What a spiffing idea! I came by here via Jane Perrone's blog. Look forward to viewing your award nominees!

The Garden Monkey said...

They are already appearing Ma'am, just click on the comments link for each category.

emmat said...

i think you forgot to emulate my favourite Mouse and Trowel category, which is "blogger you'd most like to have as a neighbour". I will have Alex from Shedworking on one side, as I think he's probably quite good at fixing things, and also I reckon he has good work discipline too; on the other I'm thinking probably Jane Perrone because she is good at all kinds of tips. And I could look after her baby if she did some of my weeding.

Esther Montgomery said...

I've decided to give myself a Red Planet award. In this context, I've mentioned your competition (in the sidebar of ESTHER IN THE GARDEN
and put a link to this blog there too.

Hope this is ok.

If not, let me know!

Esther Montgomery